The Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center (FESRC, JSC), a part of the Rosneft Oil Company Group, comprises the key ship repair and ship construction businesses inside the Far Eastern Federal District.

As part of its activities FESRC, being a single executive body, supervises the operation of its controlled companies that carry out the Pacific Fleet ship repairs, retrofitting, and maintenance, and commercial shipbuilding projects.

Consolidating management under a single organization helps to achieve a better use of the available resources, prevent redundancy in the production processes, and coordinate efficiently, thus raising profitability of the core businesses in the yards.

The Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center operation is grounded in the current Russian shipbuilding development strategy.

Its key focus is to establish a shipbuilding business cluster in the Russian Far East and implement the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex anchor project as tasked by the Russian President.

Meanwhile, the repair, maintenance, and retrofit of the Pacific Fleet warships remain the FESRC’s absolute priority. It prioritizes efforts for gaining and leveraging yard management expertise and streamlining communication processes between its companies.


JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" – a key enterprise of shipbuilding, a center of conventional submarine building of Russia. Over 310 years almost 3000 ships of various types and classes have been constructed at the shipyard including: the first Russian steamships, battleships and cruisers, the first nuclear ice-breaker in the world, unique research and deep diving submersibles, tankers of various types and classes, more than 300 submarines of various designs not having counterparts in the world shipbuilding. Today Admiralty Shipyards is a modern shipyard taking an active part in the development of domestic shipbuilding and revival of the marine glory of Russia. At the moment the shipyard facilities are fully engaged. A number of contracts are successfully implemented at the shipyard for domestic and foreign customers. The shipyard is affiliated with JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation».


JSC “Armalit” is one of the leading valves producing enterprises in Russia. The plant’s production includes valves, pipeline’s connecting elements, pneumatic distributors, hydrolic and pneumatic drives, pipeline valve control systems with electric drives for shipbuilding, shiprepair, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical and other industries application. The company provides warranty and post warranty service in any region of Russian Federation as well as around the Globe.

Machine buildng plant «Armalit» is a full cycle enterprise equipped with a fleet of the most modern high-tech machinery. Its own Design bureau and testing laboratory provide the plant with the leading position in conducting R&D works in perspective areas of the valves industry’s development. Due to all these factors it is possible to describe the enterprise as a center of competence in the area of design, development, production and supplies of valves in Russia.

High quality of the company’s products allows JSC “Armalit” to undertake the enlarged warranty obligations in comparison to competitors.


Founded in 1856, Baltic Shipyard is one of leading enterprises of the shipbuilding industry of Russia. During its lasting history, the shipyard has built more than 600 merchant and naval ships.

The enterprise specializes in building of knowledge-intensive and in many respects unique products such as first-rank naval ships, ice-class vessels (icebreakers, multi-purpose supply vessels, offshore supply and service vessels) with nuclear-powered and diesel-electric propulsion systems, floating power plants, power and desalination units. In the product line of the machine building division of the yard there are fixed and controllable pitch propellers with complete production cycle, marine shafts for the ships and vessels of all classes, stern gears, steering gears, rudder stocks, heat exchangers out of stainless steels and titanium alloys, etc. As well the yard is equipped by the full-range facilities for the production of non-ferrous (up to 50t), steel (up to 3t) and cast iron (up to 35 t) castings.

Baltic Shipyard is a part of JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation” (USC). The yard has undeniable competitive advantages in building of ships with nuclear power plants as well as icebreakers and ice-class vessels.

As of today, the order book of Baltic Shipyard includes the construction of three multipurpose nuclear icebreakers 60 MW and the world’s first Floating Power Unit (FPU). Baltic Shipyard produces a wide range of machine building parts.


"Varyag-Techservise" JSC is a modern, constantly developing enterprise with divisions in the Leningrad, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, in the Primorsky and Kamchatka regions.

Type of activity: Repair and service maintenance of automatic control systems for technical facilities and automation devices.


Vladivostok Shipyard was established in 1952 Over the history of the enterprise shipbuilders of the "Vostochnaya verf" was built and handed over to customers more than 500 boats, small ships and vessels.

For many years the shipyard specialized in the construction of missile, torpedo and artillery boats. A large number of boats were delivered to many countries of the world: Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea, China.

The shipyard has a huge experience in the construction of fishing vessels. The enterprise built a large series of 139 small fishing seineer MRS-80. Successful continuation of the development of the civil direction of shipbuilding began the serial production of ships: fishing trawlers and bots, self-propelled barges, official cutters and boats.

Today the enterprise is a reliable supplier of high-quality military equipment for the Pacific Fleet, patrol boats and ships for maritime border forces.


JSC Vladivostok Company “ElectroRadioAutomatica” was established in 1932 to provide repair, re-equipment and support of technical readiness of the Pacific fleet.

In addition to this task, the company actively began to participate in the shipbuilding program of the country, providing electrical installation and adjustment and commissioning at the Amur shipyard in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk GCC, GCC them.S. M. Kirov, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Sretensky, Ulan-Udenskom, Krasnoyarsk shipyards, Vladivostok SSZ.

The principal activities of JSC VC ERA are electrical and electro-mechanical production, as well as designing and manufacturing electrical distribution devices, including the main and emergency switchboards, control systems and automatic control mechanisms and systems and the execution of works on installation and commissioning of complex equipment, electrics, radio and wired communications, navigation and alarm systems.

The number of employees of JSC VC "ERA" is 530 people.


The public joint-stock company "Varyag" is a manufacturing enterprise that started its activity in 1973 as a ship equipment factory. The consumers of the products are enterprises of the shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation. The enterprise has production and storage facilities, equipped with engineering networks and communications, modern and technological equipment of imported and domestic production. The enterprise produces electrohydraulic units for motion control systems, hydraulic distributors for controlling the hydraulic actuating mechanisms of vessels.

As of June 1, 2013:

Number of employees - only 499 people of them:

     – workers - 239 people
     – specialists - 108 people
     – leaders - 89 people
     – security guards - 56 people
     – employees - 3 people
     – nonindustrial group – 4 persons

Available space:

     – total - 101.7629 thousand square meters.
     – the main production - 11.6305 thousand square meters.
     – auxiliary production - 3,6963 thousand square meters.

Availability of process equipment:

     – total - 189 units
     – main production - 114 units
     – auxiliary production - 75 units


Carrying out research and development work to create space systems, space complexes and spacecraft for different purposes, and their components;

Carrying out research and development work to create ship-borne automatic gun mounts and rocket launchers;

Development and manufacturing of technological and test equipment.


At present time, Arsenal Machine-Building Plant JSC is a leader in development and production of new gun mounts and launchers being a weapon for the Russian navy and foreign navies. The original engineering solutions features the output produced by the company along with the world-best pieces and superior to all other competitors in some characteristics.

At the same time, Arsenal Machine-Building Plant JSC is a leading company in Russia in the field of promising space-based technology development.


Main trends of activity: Naval shipbuilding, civil shipbuilding, military-technical cooperation, ship repair and modernization, manufacturing of metal constructions and vessels of light alloys, engineering and metal processing.


Severnoye Design Bureau, JSC is a leading Russian company designing surface combatants and commercial ships. More than 550 ships such as corvettes, frigates, destroyers, dry cargo vessels, fire fighting and patrol boats have been built according to the designs of Severnoye DB.

Severnoye DB offers a wide range of engineering services ranging from basic design development to detail drawing release.

Market dominance, high scientific and technical potential, unique experience and reliable business contacts with foreign companies allow Severnoye DB to consider all proposals of cooperation in designing war ships and commercial vessels of almost all classes and any displacement


Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant was founded in 1912. For more than a century it successfully delivered more than 500 ships and vessels for the Russian Navy and foreign customers.

Production plan of the shipyard includes ships and vessels of various purposes such as mine countermeasures ships, patrol ships, missile corvettes, work boats and passenger vessels. Shipyard is capable of building ships with following dimensions: length - up to 100 m, width - up to 16 m, draught - up to 4.5 m, launching weight - up to 2700 tons. Today the shipyard keep paying special attention to implementation of innovative technologies of shipbuilding starting from design on to dismantlement and scrapping, which is a key factor of market success


Saint-Petersburg Marine Design Bureau “Malachite” (a part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) – is the only design bureau in Russia, which is specialized in designing nuclear attack submarines (SSN).

SPMDB “Malachite” designed 4th generation nuclear attack submarines, Project 885 Yasen and her follow-on Project 885M Yasen-M.

The design bureau was founded in 1948 and, by now, has designed 19 projects of submarines. Total of 127 submarines were built from these projects, of which 92 are nuclear-powered.

SPMDB “Malachite” also designs small and super small diesel-electric submarines. Advanced Pyranha projects (Pyranha-Т, P-550 and P-650E) have been designed and are being offered for export. Small submarines of less than 600 tons in displacement are meat to operate in littoral areas.

Another activity line of “Malachite” is designing deep-sea vehicles for underwater engineering and research operations.

Some sea engineering facilities for oil-gas fields have also been designed. Those are floating base of integrated drilling support for floating drilling unit “Obskiy-1”, anti-icing system, submersible energy module, etc.


JSC “CDB ME “Rubin” incorporated into JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation is a multi-disciplinary design bureau for marine engineering

Key areas of our expertise are:

  • Design of all classes of submarines;
  • Design of marine structures for various applications;
  • Production of training means and facilities for various applications;
  • Design, production, testing and delivery of prototype and off-the-shelf robotic complexes based on Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.
  • Design, production, testing and delivery of prototype and off-the-shelf ship equipment and devices.

Non-nuclear submarines designed by Rubin have become a significant component in the Russian naval export and enabled Russia to secure its position in this sector of international arms trade.


The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau joint-stock company is а leading Russian Naval engineering company designing fast speed missile and patrol ships and boats.

Our design activity covers the following fields:

  • Research and development of innovation technologies (hydrofoils, hovercraft, SES, ride control systems with interceptors);
  • Design of corvettes, FAC, patrol ships and boats, ACV, MCM vessels, SAR vessels, floating docks, fast ferries and more.


Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has been successfully operating in Russia over the last twenty years. We have invested a lot to develop strong footprint in Russia and to become truly local manufacturer with best-in-class technologies. Today Schneider Electric Russia is represented by seven manufacturing facilities, offices in 31 cities, numerous service and logistics centers and 10 000 employees.

We are constantly monitoring the changing legislation to adapt our work in Russia to the new conditions. We do everything possible to ensure the uninterrupted supply to the Russian customers. Schneider Electric is responsible and reliable business partner and we undoubtedly confirm our previously announced plans for the investments and business development. Core elements of our strategy remain the same: active business development in the country, set up of new local production, expansion of our partner network and customer base, innovations for Russian industries and customer


JSC “Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky” is a modern high-tech enterprise, which successfully operates as a part of the largest holding company of the Republic of Tatarstan – JSC “Holding company “Ak Bars”. As one of the most dynamically developing shipbuilding enterprises of the country, the plant annually increases the production volumes and quality of the products.

Within the period of 2010 - 2017 the plant constructed and delivered 17 warships and boats to the Russian Navy: Dagestan missile ship of 11661 project; sea tug of 745 mb project; eight special purpose boats of 21980 project; five small missile ships of 21631 project (“Grad Sviyazhsk”, “Uglich”, “Velikii Ustiug”, “Zeleny Dol”, “Serpukhov”); “Sviyaga” transport floating dock of 22570 project; the lead coast guard ship of 22100 project “Polyarnaya Zvezda”; four Gepard 3.9 frigates (export version of 11661 project patrol ship) within the scope of military and technical cooperation.

Currently, the company is building 24 warships as per the state contracts: coast guard ships of 22100 project, series of special purpose ships of 21980 project, small missile ships of 21631 project, patrol ships of 22160 project, cable-laying ships of 15310 project, and small missile ships of 22800 project.


Gazprombank has successfully operated in the banking market since 1990. Founded by the world's largest gas producer and exporter Gazprom to provide banking services for gas industry enterprises, Gazprombank has since become a leader in the banking sector, which key performance indicators place the Bank among the top three banks of Russia.
Gazprombank as a universal financial institution delivers a wide range of banking and investment services for over 45,000 corporate and about 5 million private clients. Gazprombank invests and lends to companies in major sectors of the economy – oil and petrochemical industry, metallurgy, machine building, electric power industry, real estate construction, transport, telecommunications and trade. Diversified client base enables a strong growth of a corporate loan portfolio and the retail business also shows sustainable growth. Despite of a rapid growth of the loan portfolio, efficient risk policy and prudent approach to borrowers allow the Bank to maintain a ratio of problem and non-performing loans at the lowest level among the largest Russian banks.


JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation is the leading shipbuilding company in Russia, created in 2007 in line with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation. The holding includes over 40 design and engineering bureaus, specialized research and scientific centres, shipyards, ship repair and machine building enterprises, which compose the consolidated majority of the Russian shipbuilding complex.

USC’s enterprises operate in all of the port and transportation hubs of the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Severodvinsk to Astrakhan. Practically all the combat ships being built or developed for the Russian Navy and for the export are the fruit of labour of the USC Group’s design bureaus.

The biggest task, which the USC is facing in commercial shipbuilding is to satisfy the needs of the domestic companies in icebreakers, research, search and rescue and auxiliary vessels as well as in a variety of maritime equipment to explore the continental shelf.

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