«Уралмашзавод» поставит ССК «Звезда» два мостовых крана грузоподъемностью 320 тонн каждый

Uralmashplant to supply two bridge cranes with a capacity of 320 tons each to Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex and Uralmashplant have concluded an agreement to purchase two bridge cranes with a capacity of 320 tons each, as part of the International Far Eastern Maritime Show.

The agreement was signed by Sergey Tseluiko, CEO of Zvezda, and Andrey Kuznetsov, First Deputy CEO of UZTM KARTEX Managing Company, operator of Uralmashplant.

The agreement provides for Uralmashplant to supply, install, assemble and commission the cranes, as well as training the personnel.

The bridge cranes will be used to assemble ship blocks and units of the bow, engine room, and cargo holds. Equipping the shipyard with modern crane equipment will significantly expand Zvezda’s production capacity and will provide the company with all necessary production processes.

The Zvezda complex will serve as the core of a unique shipbuilding cluster formed on the basis of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and with the participation of Rosneft PJSC.