Международный дальневосточный морской салон во Владивостоке примет крупнейшие судостроительные компании

Major shipbuilding companies to attend International Far Eastern Maritime Show

The official website of the International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 has published a list of exhibitors at the largest industry event in Russia. The IFEMS 2018 is being organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and was initiated by Primorsky Territory Governor Andrey Tarasenko. The Roscongress Foundation is the operator of the Show.

The main events of the IFEMS programme will take place on an area of roughly 7,000 square metres as well as in the Golden Horn Bay on Russky Island. The exhibition area will take up more than 3,000 square metres and provide an opportunity for leading enterprises in the industry to demonstrate their projects and latest developments, including: United Shipbuilding Corporation, Vostochnaya Verf, Armalit, ERA, Dalpribor, Arsenal Design Bureau, and Modern Marine Technologies, among numerous others.

“When preparing the International Far Eastern Sea Salon, special attention is paid to the scope of the participants. Representatives of the shipbuilding industry leaders will meet in Vladivostok in late July. The Maritime Show’s modern venue at Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island will provide participants with comfortable conditions to present their products, establish new business contacts as well as trade and industrial relations, attract investments, and implement innovative projects. I am confident that IFEMS will serve as a catalyst for the development of the maritime business throughout the Asia-Pacific region”, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov said.

The International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 will feature three key focuses: ‘Ship and Boatbuilding’, ‘Infrastructure and Logistics’, and ‘Regulation and Development’. The business programme will include conferences and panel discussions, presentations by IFEMS participants, and roundtables on important issues in the industry. The central event of the IFEMS 2018 will be a plenary session ‘Water Transport in the Age of Digitalization and New Technologies’.

In addition to the business and exhibition programmes, participants in the International Far Eastern Maritime Show and residents of Vladivostok will also have a chance to see a presentation of civil vessels in Golden Horn Bay.

The International Far Eastern Maritime Show will be held on 26–28 July 2018 on the eve of the Day of the Russian Navy and the Main Naval Parade.