Опубликована деловая программа  Международного дальневосточного морского салона – 2018

International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 business programme disclosed

The International Far Eastern Maritime Show 2018 website has posted the business programme for the industry’s biggest gathering in Russia, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) campus on Russky Island. The Show will cover more than 7,000 square metres, in addition to a portion of Ajax Bay. Primorye Territory Governor Andrei Tarasenko has been the driving force behind the IFEMS, an event operated by Roscongress Foundation.

Russia is the world’s biggest maritime power. We are proud not only of our nation’s glorious naval history but also of the high standard of our shipping and navigation and of education in those areas. This is our first time carrying out such an ambitious project at our Far Eastern frontier, one that will bring together all key maritime experts, major companies and representatives from the academic and business communities. Russia is the world’s leading exporter of vessels and maritime equipment. The International Far Eastern Maritime Show in Vladivostok will help bring together our Asian and European partners and Russian manufacturers at a single venue to discuss current matters and the development outlook for the entire global shipbuilding industry, and will facilitate signing of new agreements and contracts”, said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

A plenary session entitled “Water Transport in the Age of Digitalization and New Technologies” will be the keynote event of IFEMS 2018. The business programme covers three key subject areas. The “Ship- and Boatbuilding” block will be dedicated to cooperation, localization of equipment manufacturing and maritime competitiveness, as well as Russia’s capabilities in innovative shipbuilding. The second block of business sessions, “Infrastructure and Logistics”, will focus on port infrastructure, as well as development of sea transport and international transport and logistics systems. The key subjects of the third block, “Regulation and Development”, will include ship and cargo tracking, digitalization of ship design documentation and simplification of its review, as well as development of waterway tourism.

Russia will celebrate Navy Day on 29 July, so the Vladivostok Maritime Show will showcase the latest achievements in the Navy area. The Show’s heavily packed programme includes workshops, master classes and panel discussions with renowned national and international experts and industry leaders. The event’s business agenda is aimed at producing practical deliverables in implementing innovations, supporting technology-driven entrepreneurship in maritime industry, scaling best practices and improving interoperability between government agencies, businesses and development institutions”, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said.

IFEMS 2018 will include a Youth Session that will bring together young professionals, academics, experts and all those interested in the trends in Russia’s shipbuilding development.

Besides the business portion, an extensive exhibition programme has been prepared for participants in the International Far Eastern Maritime Show. Exhibitor companies will present their projects and latest designs over an area of more than 500 square metres. An exhibition parade of civilian vessels for the residents of Vladivostok will take place on Ajax Bay during IFEMS 2018.

The Maritime Show is an important event for Russia’s entire Far East. It will showcase the best and latest maritime technology. Shipbuilding is a multistage process involving manufacturing of sophisticated navigation equipment, hull work, casting, smelting and many other processes. Today, both China and Korea are entering this industry. They are ready to establish joint ventures. We hope the International Far Eastern Maritime Show will take place at a high level. Interest in the event is very strong”, Primorye Territory Governor Andrei Tarasenko said, adding that IFEMS participants and guests would be able to see all the potential and capabilities of the Territory’s civilian shipbuilding and ship repairing, military shipbuilding, shipping and port infrastructure.

The International Far Eastern Maritime Show will take place on 26–28 July 2018, on the eve of Russia’s Navy Day and its Main Navy Parade.

Follow the link www.ifemshow.org/en/programme to view the IFEMS 2018 programme.