IAA PortNews

IAA PortNews is the leading and most popular Russian media resource providing sea and river transport news, as well as a tool of interaction between businesses, government and the media. Every day, around 8,000 readers visit the Russian and English pages of the media agency’s web portal.

According to Google Analytics, the website is popular among the industry professionals worldwide, with the exception of a Norwegian archipelago Svalbard and several countries in central Africa, where we do not have our readers as yet.

Public television of Primorye

Public television of Primorye established in 1998.

  • Audience – 2 000 000 people in Primorsky Krai

  • Broadcast coverage of more than 91% of the population of Primorye

  • Licensed broadcasting zone – Primorsky Krai

  • Potential coverage - the whole territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

  • Time vesania around the clock, every day

  • The main focus of the TV channel - news and information

  • Content broadcasting - news, thematic programs, films, licensed series and movies

  • Method of distribution – 100 repeaters in the territory of Primorye, a cable network, TVi, interet, satellite “YAMAL-201” (KU – BAND, 10990-frequency 2170-stream)

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is the largest multiregional media holding that provides timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy to public authorities and the political and business establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow.

In the 15 years of work in Russian regions, FederalPress has acquired a reputation of an authoritative and influential information resource among the Russian political and business elite.

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency focuses on a target audience that may be characterized as “influence groups”: federal and regional structures of public and municipal government agencies; experts in various areas of economics and finance; federal and regional mass media.

Currently, FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is a mass media outlet that largely influences the agenda: the latest news, key topics in politics and economy of Russian regions, Internet TV, expert opinions and blogs, news coverage, journalist research, analytical articles, and ratings.

Monthly traffic numbers over 6,000,000 visitors.


FSВI “Editorial “Rossiyskaya gazeta”

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is a modern multimedia group that provides readers daily with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information about Russian regional and federal affairs and worldwide events.

The newspaper and its electronic platforms publish news, features, exclusive interviews and comments from public officials and the most powerful representatives of business, politics and culture.

Today “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is the leader in terms of audience size in the segment of daily sociopolitical and business newspapers. It is also among the leaders of the media citation rating.

 Media holding of “Rossiyskaya gazeta” include:

“Rossiyskaya gazeta” – Daily social and political newspaper

“Rossiyskaya gazeta – Nedelya” – Weekly issue

“Rodina” – Monthly historical magazine

 RG.RU – Web portal

“Rossiyskaya gazeta” supplements – Special color thematic supplements