The largest company in Russia rendering the towing fleet services is a subsidiary of PAO NK Rosneft with 100% equity participation.

Under the management of Rosnefteflot there are.

47 units of water transport of different purpose, including tugs, marine and river tankers, rescue, passenger-carrying and auxiliary vessels.

22 modern tugs providing services to the towing fleet, including the conduct of towing operations in the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, Prigorodnoye, Primorsk, Tuapse, Ust-Luga.

10 tankers and ice class bunkering tankers, running the activities in Baltic, North, Black and Far East Regions of RF on behalf of PAO NK Rosneft.

8 rescue vessels for the rescue duty in waterways of Nakhodka, Tuapse, De-Kastri harbors.

>150 of river-sea class oil tankers and tug and tow engaged by Rosnefteflot during the navigation period for the transportation of fuel from oil refineries of PAO NK Rosneft along inland waterways.