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Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC

Organization Partners

The leading company in the Russian shipbuilding industry specializing in the development, production and maintenance of combat information and control systems as well as integrated systems, integrated control automation systems for marine formations, sea-based cruise and ballistic missile fire control systems, ship-based and coastal missile and radar systems, sonar systems.

Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky, JSC

Organization Partners

JSC “Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky” is a modern high-tech enterprise, which successfully operates as a part of the largest holding company of the Republic of Tatarstan - JSC “Holding company “Ak Bars”. As one of the most dynamically developing shipbuilding enterprises of the country, the plant annually increases the production volumes and quality of the products.

Within the period of 2010 – 2017 the plant constructed and delivered 17 warships and boats to the Russian Navy: Dagestan missile ship of 11661 project; sea tug of 745 mb project; eight special purpose boats of 21980 project; five small missile ships of 21631 project (“Grad Sviyazhsk”, “Uglich”, “Velikii Ustiug”, “Zeleny Dol”, “Serpukhov”); “Sviyaga” transport floating dock of 22570 project; the lead coast guard ship of 22100 project “Polyarnaya Zvezda”; four Gepard 3.9 frigates (export version of 11661 project patrol ship) within the scope of military and technical cooperation.

Currently, the company is building 24 warships as per the state contracts: coast guard ships of 22100 project, series of special purpose ships of 21980 project, small missile ships of 21631 project, patrol ships of 22160 project, cable-laying ships of 15310 project, and small missile ships of 22800 project.

JSC “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center”

Organization Partners

JSC “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” (JSC SSTC) is one of the largest scientific institutions in Saint-Petersburg and the leading Russian technology center for shipbuilding, established in 1939, JSC SSTC ranks as a State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation.

Main company activities are:

  • Design, modernization and technical upgrading of shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises, hydraulic structures, docks

  • Production engineering support of shore-based facilities, operation, maintenance and repair of ships and vessels

  • Creation of advanced technologies for shipbuilding, ship repair and other industries

  • Design and manufacture of technological equipment for shipbuilding, ship repair and mechanical engineering enterprises

  • Development of design and estimate documentation for construction and repair of different-type fishing vessels, floating canneries, research vessels, transportation vessels and refrigerated carriers

  • Design and production of new generation valves and fittings for vessels and ships

  • Design and implementation of technologies for recycling of nuclear powered submarines, nuclear powered ships and vessels. Development of technologies for handling with spent fuel, solid and liquid radioactive wastes

JSC “SSTC” maintains scientific-technical and economic cooperation with foreign customers from more than 40 states in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair.


Official Water

Natural water BAIKAL PEARL comes from an artesian subsurface source at depth of more than 60 meters, in close proximity to Lake Baikal. Water from the aquifer flows into Baikal and is virtually identical to deep water, however there is a very important distinction – it contains useful minerals. Age of the water is approximately 20 million years, which is the age of Lake Baikal itself. Natural water BAIKAL PEARL is securely concealed in the formations and protected against any external impact, which guarantees its supreme quality. The bottle’s design and logo are created to enable each buyer to see his/her own Baikal in it. The key elements are petroglyphs from a cliff on the shore of Lake Baikal named Sagan Zaba, and a water line shown in a wave shape.